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Bird Control services

Bird control is essential, and Bugstoppers are experts in total bird exclusion and control. Our highly trained technicians understand the behaviour of birds. 

Ant Control

Ant control is essential as they are a nuisance pest. They will invade your home even when you keep it spotless. Ants may search for food in rubbish bins and carry organisms back to your home, which can cause sickness.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are sometimes called roaches, and they belong to the order of Blattodea, which also includes Termites. There are approximately 4000 species worldwide and about 450 in Australia-wide; only a few we consider pests. 

Rats and mice contaminate our food and cause fires in homes or commercial buildings.

Every Commercial pest situation is unique and requires a customised approach. 

Bugstoppers has the answers regarding Spider Control in the Melbourne metro area. Spiders enter homes through poorly fitted screens, cracks, and gaps around windows and doors. 

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