Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Every Commercial pest situation is unique and requires a customised approach. This begins with a site visit to ensure that an effective pest management strategy can be tailored to meet your needs and suit your budget. Commercial services often require regular ongoing maintenance arrangements depending on the particular pest species present. After initial control has been achieved. We aim to ensure you get the desired outcomes by providing the most cost-effective pathway possible. Professional advice and prompt action are needed regularly in the commercial arena to maintain safety standards that conform to the relevant State health regulations. When considering social media’s current scope and power, even the most minor outbreak of any pest situation can quickly become a public relations nightmare for any business, big or small. Pest control is integral to any business, from industrial complexes to small web-based offices. Pests are always looking for food and shelter. When pests do arrive, a host of other problems come as well.

Commercial pest control is vital for many reasons:

  • Protection against stock damage.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Protection against structural damage.
  • To protect your reputation.

Pest control may seem unwelcome, but it is more cost-effective than paying the resulting repair bills and stock loss as pests continue to cause damage within your premises. Many industries have a zero-tolerance policy for pests, making it a requirement to continue trading. If you have a pest problem within your commercial premises, don’t hesitate to call Bugstoppers commercial pest control.

Contractual Work

Part of dealing with pests that affect your company. You never know precisely when a rat infestation may start. For businesses like commercial food premises or warehouses, where pest pressure can vary, this can lead to varying bills when responding to individual events. As we try to help businesses with this, Bugstoppers commercial pest control offers work on a contractual basis. This means we offer a fixed monthly amount, and you receive a comprehensive pest control system.

These contracts will offer you the following.

  • Scheduled visits.
  • Callouts from local technicians.
  • Routine work at no extra charge.

If you want to ask about a contract and how we can benefit your business, contact Bugstoppers Commercial Pest Control. 

Restaurants and Cafes

As you can imagine, restaurants and cafes are prime real estate for scavenging pest species. There are vast stores of food as well as constant spills.  Although you can go to great lengths to keep your commercial premises tidy and clean up after every shift, having efficient pest control is an integral part of all commercial food premises. Without proper control, your business will become a health and safety risk for your customers and staff. Additionally, your stock will continuously become contaminated and unusable due to scavenging animals. One of our dedicated and experienced commercial pest control Bugstoppers technicians can be on their way to your premises with just a phone call.

Factories and Warehouses

Pests require two things: shelter and food. This is why our commercial pest control Bugstoppers technicians do a lot of work in factories and warehouses, which may appear like barren industrial complexes to us. Still, they are nonetheless suitable living and breeding areas for pests. Since different pests result in different problems, almost all aspects of a business can be affected in one way or another by different species. Firstly, there will be structural problems. Nesting birds will force their way into buildings, creating new gaps for other pests and weathering effects to enter. Rodents, on the other hand, will gnaw away at the building’s very structure and will even chew electrical equipment, which will lead to malfunctioning equipment and fires.

Secondly, pests will create health and safety issues for your employees and may contaminate stock. Birds, for example, will leave a lot of debris from nesting and general activity and a considerable build-up of hazardous guano. If any of this is disturbed by staff rather than our commercial pest control B technicians, infection will undoubtedly follow. Rodents and insects, when feeding on foodstuffs within a warehouse, will leave behind contagions through their faeces and urine. Depending on the item, they will also destroy the packaging and the stock. This can lead to debilitating stock loss and, in many cases, public scandal. Our commercial pest control Bugstoppers technicians have the equipment and experience to conduct thorough pest control within your facility. Not only will it save you from expensive stock damage, but it will also help to preserve the health of your employees and, in extreme cases, customers.

Local and Reliable Service

Our locally based commercial pest control Bugstoppers team has the knowledge, equipment, and practical experience to ensure your business. Having a comprehensive pest control programme, we will help your business continue trading as efficiently and profitably as possible. Not only will you comply with all relevant industry standards, but you will also avoid reputation-damaging problems. We treat every job individually to ensure we provide service that is as effective as possible. Every property is different, and each business has its requirements. Our sales representatives will survey your premises and develop a tailor-fit and unique strategy that accommodates your specific variables.

Additionally, we utilise a wide array of specialist equipment, which allows us to deal with any pest problem. From providing effective bird proofing to large structures with challenging dimensions to successfully exterminating elusive insects, our commercial pest control Bugstoppers Pest Control technicians have dealt with it all before and know what is required to deal with it.

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